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Custom Extrusions:

In the world of technology we research and develop new material and equipment to keep pace with emerging demands for the twenty first century designers.

The search and pursuit of excellence is put into practice every day by our staff of specialists. It is a daily exercise by all of our employees in our continuous improvement plan (CIP) that assures our energy is focused on adaptability and flexibility for high quality "custom designs".

Custom ExtrusionsWe work on proprietary and patented designs with confidentiality for the exclusivity of our customers. Manufacturers, Contractors and Government Specifiers have utilized our comprehensive services that include state of the art design and tooling. Plastic profiles in a wide variety of applications serve functionality, aesthetically and dynamically in a way no other material can.

Make sure you check out our custom capability when your project includes an extruded plastic profile that will be essential component utilizing our adaptability, conformability and flexibility.